About Me

My name is Ben Satterwhite. Not that you couldn’t tell that from the website that you are currently on.

I’m a big music guy, and have a love for guitar, progressive metal, and creating music. However, I discovered I don’t really have a passion for live performance. I actually find it unrewarding and a pain most of the time. Creating and writing music is a wonderful thing and is something I feel I will always do. I remember being 18 and standing at a mental fork in the road. Either I was going to be a musician or I was going to start college and become an Electrical Engineer. I chose the later and I am still happy with that decision to this day. Music for me makes a wonderful hobby.


I’m a family man. I would rather be at home spending time with my wife and daughter than be anywhere else. As a matter of fact, I probably have a toddler crawling on me while you are reading this sentence. When I’m not at work, I’m at home ¬†spending time with them and¬†geeking out in something technology-related, writing new music, or practicing on guitar.

This site exists to be a second home to my YouTube content, guitar lessons, and place to share my rants and opinions. I hope you guys enjoy the site, videos, and music. I making this because I enjoy doing so, but if someone else gets some value out of it then I’ll call that an added bonus.


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