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Google Glass: The Future or a Passing Trend


So as of last week, Google Glass is now open to the public for purchase. That means anyone with $1500 burning a hole in their back pocket can now go out and get themselves a pair.

I’ve been following Google Glass since the idea was first released a few years ago. I’ve always imagined that if they could get the battery life right, get developers making applications for them, and not screw anything up in the process then this was going to be the next smartphone. That might be what actually happens. Google Glass can offer a lot of value to the world by putting the information you need right in front of your face without you even having to ask for it. Of course the backlash has and will continue to be huge. Never before has there been a piece of technology that could push privacy boundaries as far as this little wearable device.

With Glass, doing things like recording people without their knowledge, quickly identifying people you meet on the street, and even pulling up their social profiles and street address will probably be too easy to do. When you think about that it sounds like they designed the unit for stalkers. There are a lot of positives also. Being able to superimpose Google maps directions into your field of vision would be nice. It will also be useful for doctors and other professionals who need to quickly access personal files and records in their jobs.

One setback Google Glass has is that it still kind of looks funny. I’m curious to see whether the general public will embrace Glass in its current form. They may just become as status system for all of the geeks out there and not connect with the general public. I’ve heard that they are going to be working with Ray Ban and Oakley in the future to make them more stylish. This may help the adoption rate. I feel like we will all move to something like Google Glass eventually. The question is whether now is the time and if Google Glass will be the product to do it.