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Talking about random stuff

I’m going to start doing a regular blog entry probably weekly. This will just be a compilation of my thoughts and whats going on in my world. I finished a fourth song this weekend called Saturn’s Hexagon. This one came together fairly quickly. You can check that one out here on my site soon. Its a very simple track with some nice synth in the track. It’s kind of spacey so it got a space related name. This is a little different from what I’ve done so far. Probably go further in that direction in the future and just mix it up with some heavier songs.

I did some work on the website this weekend too. I working on transitioning it from the prior technology blog form to the current music showcase and whatever form it is going to be in the future. I got my songs created as videos and on my personal YouTube page. More work to come on YouTube. I want to write more guitar lesson posts and eventually jump into some guitar lesson videos. I think those would get more attention to the rest of the content.

I caught a handful of Grand Theft Auto games for dirt cheap on a steam sale last week and picked them up. I tried to install GTA4 last weekend, but ran into all kinds of problems with the Games for Windows crap and got an infinite loading screen too. Still working through all of that, but kind of stopped trying. I installed GTA3 for the nostalgia and am playing that. Did a few missions and it takes me back. I also picked up the original Splinter Cell and am enjoying that one too.

I picked up the first of the Acacia series of books on audible this month too. I bought this one on ebook last year, but didn’t get very far. Earlier this year, I came to the realization that I’m too distracted to read unless I do audiobooks. I have been buying them ever since. Its going to take a while to listen to the whole series. Especially since I’m sure each one is over 30 hours each. I’m sure it will be February before I finish this one up. Its nice though. I like it.

Other than that, it has just been work and gearing up for the holidays. I’m almost certain the Christmas tree will make an appearance later today in our place.

I’m going to start working on a song soon. I have some basic ideas of what I want to do with a chord progression, but haven’t started work on anything yet. I want to play around with some pitch axis parallel mode stuff. I want to put together some chord progressions that will introduce as many modal progressions in the same key as possible and keep the song musical. This will probably be interesting to play around with and we will see what becomes of it.

That is really about it. We have been re-watching Psych on Netflix because it is one of the best shows ever and have been catching up on new episodes of Supernatural.