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Intel Edison and the Internet of Everything

Intel made a major announcement at CES 2014. They announced the Intel Edison computer. This small computer is the size of an SD card and has been developed for Internet of Everything applications such as wearable technology.

Intel Edison

The Intel Edison has a 400 MHz Dual-Core Intel Quark processor. This will have Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities and be able to run Linux. With the Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo, computers of this power level are already pretty small but miniaturization to a SD card size is push to a whole new level.

Intel has already shown some examples of its implementation in wearable tech. The example shows a baby onesie that uses Edison with some sensors to transmit a baby’s vitals to doctors.

The Edison is due out sometime in the middle of this year. The Internet of Everything concept has Edison-like computers installed in basic household items and clothes to create more synergy in day to day life. In the future, everything will eventually have embedded computers allowing the ability to control everything and easily automate tasks. Just in the last few years, TVs, coffee pots, thermostats, and all kinds of basic household equipment have gotten smarter and has added a lot of functionality and control to the items. Soon you will never be able to lose your car keys because your computer will be able to find them for you. Not that you will need car keys anyway because you will be accessing and starting your car with your smart phone or Google Glass. This is going to grow and become increasingly more awesome as time goes on. If we network everything ┬áin our homes and robotics continues to improve, maybe in 20 years we’ll be able to afford robots that clean our houses.