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Where We Are and Where We Are Likely Going

The Internet of Things may be something that we have or have not yet started to think about, but it is coming quick and will likely change everything. I think the Aha moment for me was a few days ago when I was looking online at the FitBit Charge HR. This is one of the new fitness trackers that has recently caught my eye. However, I’m not currently in love with their app’s ability for me to add food correctly to the list of things I’ve eaten for the day. The Myfitnesspal app is much more suited for this task. Now I’m discovering there are ways to sync the two apps together, although I have not bought the device and have not pursued this further. However, that is where the light-bulb moment came in.

Everyone is currently focused on building and developing IoT devices and they will all have their own proprietary user interfaces and apps. That is good, but not great. Remember in the early days of social media when there were tons of them and you were lucky if you actually knew someone who was on the same one as you? It took the Myspaces and Facebooks of the world to be that unifying force to bring everything together before people starting getting real value out of them. I don’t believe the IoT revolution will be any different. We are currently in the wild west of the IoT movement and that great unifying force has not come along yet.

I believe the next big successful company will be the one who can come in and focus of the software side of IoT and do it right. People aren’t going to want 50 different apps to control all of their IoT devices once this all ramps up. The next big thing needs to be Apple simple and support all of the hot devices that are already out and are on the horizon. Most importantly, there needs to be conditional interactions between devices. Maybe if I tell my fitness tracker that I’m awake or it records my first steps for the day I can have a rule that knows to kick on the smart home outlet in the living that has the lamp plugged in.

This is already the vision of the IoT, so I’m not going to pretend I came up with it.  I’m just simply stating that the next software company that does this right will move the ball forward for the IoT. IoT device interactions can’t just be for the geeks or this will never take off. The average person needs to be able to set this up in a few minutes. There should also be a social aspect too so people can share their device interaction actions with others.

If you are a software developer its time to get to work on this!