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The Death of Net Neutrality

I read on Tuesday that the case fighting for net neutrality was decided and there are still no laws to stop companies from being able to throttle traffic as they see fit. This gives the internet service providers a lot more power than they need. Honestly, if your electric provider suddenly started limiting the amount of electricity that could be used to power your computer you would be outraged. Why is throttling bandwidth any different? I believe internet service providers are to provide a service. They are not to micro-manage usage. This allows too many opportunities for abuse and favoritism of services to take place.

This ruling has already caused a drop in the Netflix stock on Wednesday. Since Netflix makes up about a third of all online traffic in America, they may be targeted by internet service providers after this ruling.

All is not lost though. There is still a good chance that an appeal will be filed and this process will drag out a while longer. Most people already hate their ISP and are stuck with them since they rule over regions. With services like Playstation Now coming up and 4K streams in the future, the last thing we need is the ISPs playing games with our bandwidth. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out over the next few years.