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My Take on the Google Nexus Player and Other Things


I picked a Google Nexus player last week for our TV in the bedroom. We typically use an Amazon Fire TV in the living room for all of our streaming and stuff. The Nexus player is pretty good with only two downsides. First, the remote that comes with it is lacking a menu button. You may not realize how useful this button is unless you have had one like on the Fire TV. When using Kodi you can’t add things to favorites or mark them as watched like you can do with the Fire TV remote. The good news is that I can buy another of the old Fire TV remotes off eBay and use it with the Nexus player and solve that issue.

The other problem is that there is no support for Amazon Instant Video on the Nexus Player. This caught me by surprise. I’ve had a lot of streaming stuff over the last few years and no one doesn’t support Amazon. Until now. I did some reading about it and Amazon were being some little bitches that decided to take their ball and go home. They got mad because Google runs Android and Amazon doesn’t want Instant Video in the Play Store. This is bad for business. This irritates me enough that I’m reconsidering whether we will renewing our Prime subscription. If I wanted to support self righteous assholes I would buy Apple products.

The original Fire Tv was great though and that can’t be ignored. Everything I’m reading says that Amazon screwed up the latest version of the Fire Tv so I avoided it and got the Nexus box instead.



I picked up Counterstrike Global Offensive on Steam a few days back and have been playing that regularly. Its good to have a good FPS again since my switch to PC gaming. I enjoy it more than all of the Call of Duty games I used to play. All of the killstreak bonuses and grenade use really clutter up those games.

I tried out Team Fortress 2, but couldn’t get into it. That game has too much of the character bouncing off the walls for me.

Hearthstone has me entertained lately too, but I’m on a massive losing streak and am starting to realize I really suck at this game.


I’ve been listening to Scar Symmetry’s 2008 album Holographic Universe this week. This is a solid melodic death metal band. They remind me a lot of the great Soilwork tunes I’ve enjoyed throughout the years.

I listened to Tool’s Lateralus album in its entirety the other day too. It’s been several years I’ve done that. When the hell are they going to put out something new? It’s been over 10 years now. I’ve heard rumors and reports aboht a new album, but haven’t see anything about a release date. Also, where is Seventh Wonder’s new album? Last year that single “Inner Enemy” came out and I thought for sure a new album would be coming shortly after. I can’t find any news on when we might get to hear that one. They at least need to release that single on Spotify so I can jam it in my car. Myrath is recording a new one that I’ve been looking forward to also. Always looking to hear some new music.

I’m planning on writing up some more guitar lessons for this site for those of you who are interested in that. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to work on that this weekend.

I would like to start doing YouTube videos again soon. This time with some guitar lesson content. I think that might be coming after the holidays.

Other than that I have just been doing normal everyday things. The Christmas tree is already up early as hell. I usually don’t do this until after Thanksgiving, but the wife insisted. Since, its still hot outside everyday we have to just pretend its the holiday season.

I’ve been reading the first Acacia book still. I’m digging that, but it is going to take a while for me go finish up. It is a trilogy so there is plenty of content there left for me to consume.

That really all I’ve got to say for now. Until next time…