The Tech Zone 3: Snowden, Ubuntu Smartphones, End of XP, and more…

Links for today’s show:

Snowden says encryption and oversight are key to protecting the public from surveillance

Google wants Android to be your wearable OS of choice

Netflix got a bit faster on Comcast after opening its wallet

Ubuntu smartphones will cost $200-$400

ER doctors use Google Glass and QR codes to identify patients

VLC’s media player hits Windows 8 in beta form

Starbucks app to let you pre-order your coffee later this year

G.E. Has Found a Way To Cool a Fridge With Magnets

Microsoft is paying Windows XP users to jump ship

US Government Is Finally Giving Up Control of the Internet

San Antonio clears Google Fiber’s legal hurdles ahead of a possible deal

Your bank will pay Microsoft to keep running its ATMs

Get Ready for Video Ads in Your Facebook Newsfeed