The Tech Zone 4: NASA Contest, Wearable Tech, Primordial Waves, and more…

Links for today’s show:

Microsoft releases OneNote for free on Mac and Windows, adds new note-taking tools

NASA will award $35,000 to citizen asteroid hunters

Google and Viacom end YouTube lawsuit, agree to work together

Twitter testing ‘Fave People’ timeline, lets you keep your favorite users in one place

Intel: Wearable technology is failing because it’s not doing enough

States jump aboard Justice Department probe of Comcast-Time Warner merger

U.S. Navy’s Robot Firefighters Prepare for a Test Run

Google’s Chromecast dongle goes beyond US, launches in 11 more countries

How the Biggest Scientific Discovery of the Year Was Kept a Secret

Forget the NSA. Tech Companies May Be Reading Your Email Too

‘We’ll eradicate Twitter’: Turkey blocks Twitter access

Wendy’s now lets you pay for a meal with its mobile app

Twitter kills its music app, which never got much play

Google’s 3D-sensing phones are taking a trip to the International Space Station

Turkey turns the screw on Twitter ban, blocks social network at ISP level