Wearable Tech Vs. Privacy

There is no denying it. The internet of things is upon us. Wearable tech is inevitably going to be a part of our lives. Its already started and will be ramping up over the next few years.

People are already having fits about Google Glass and it hasn’t made it out of the paid beta testing yet. There was a story just last week about a man that was detained for wearing it into a movie theater. To the MPAA, this is about the equivalent of walking into the theater with a HD camera strapped to your head.

It may be a gray area as to whether you can use these devices in movie theaters, but are they going to be able to enforce a ban on these kinds of devices when they are released to the masses? Google Glass may not be the one to do it, but something like this will become popular in the near future. They will be bundling glasses when you buy your smart phone.

I’ve heard stories of restaurants and bars across the nation banning them also.┬áIn public where does your right to privacy end exactly? Someone could be recording just as easily with a smartphone, but it is only somewhat more noticeable. Being in out in public is exactly the opposite of privacy and it would be safe to assume that you have none and should act accordingly.

I believe people will push back for a while, but inevitably the technology will win out. The music industry did not beat the MP3 file and movie industry won’t beat this. We’ll just have to get used to the idea that we may be being recorded by somebody’s little device.